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Day 8: Pacific beaches, Playa Carrillo

Day 8: Pacific beaches, Playa Carrillo

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Today is a good day to enjoy a great day

Playa Carrillo

After this short stop at La Fortuna’s house at the foot of the Arenal volcano, we continue our journey: the beaches of the Pacific.

It is a long awaited stage for girls because the beach of Carrillo is a beach particularly adapted to the children.

We will take about 4h30 to join Carrillo. Indeed the repairs on the road leading to Naranjo have slowed us down considerably.

The bridge “Puente La Amistad”

We decided to go through the bridge “puente La Amistad” because at the junction of Limonal, a restaurant allows to observe Ara macaws very closely.

parrot costa rica ara macaw ara macaw bird costa rica

These free birds are regulars because they have elected residence. This is the opportunity to restore ourselves before continuing to Carrillo.

For the record, the bridge of friendship “puente La Amistad” offered by Taiwan to Costa Rica was finalized in 2003. It is also known as the stabbing bridge. Because once the bridge ended, the Costa Rican government and its then president Oscar Arias broke the agreement under the pressure of the People’s Republic of China which then offered Costa Rica better commercial benefits. Costa Rica’s national stadium in San José will then be offered in Costa Rica by the Chinese government.

The bridge is past, the ocean is waiting for us. The coconut palms are waiting for us and we will not let them down.

Playa Carrillo

beach costa rica costa rica beach

The village of Carrillo is a small village facing the sea where we live either tourism or fishing. There are very few shops, and mass tourism does not go through here.

Once settled at our hotel, we take the road to Carrillo.

And there, first surprise, a few meters from the main beach is lounging an American crocodile. Its impressive size, about 4 meters, keeps us at a distance.

crocodile playa carillo

We ask a local if there are many crocodiles in the area, he reassures us by saying that there are some but they are “quiet” and they stay in the mouth of the river.

I must admit that despite this good time, we will take a little distance with the mouth for a dip.

The beach

trip family playa carillo road sign costa rica beach playa carillo beach playa carillo

Carrillo Beach is a long bay surrounded by coconut palms and bordered by an uncrowded road.

The sand is golden, almost white, and the few people on the beach reinforce the private side of the beach.

beach costa rica

We must admit that the strong swell of the week brings waves on the edge of the beach, but everyone tells us that this is exceptional and that in normal times the sea is here, smooth as a lake.

We will not go to playa Carrillo until this afternoon and the next morning. Because we want to go then to Samara and Nosara to be able to surf.

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