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The Poas Volcano National Park has reopened

The Poas Volcano National Park has reopened

After 16 months of closure for intense volcanic activity, Poas Volcano National Park opened to the public (only by reservation) on August 31, 2018.

With more than 400,000 visitors a year, this reopening was eagerly awaited as the Poas Volcano National Park was the second most visited site in Costa Rica after Manuel Antonio National Park. The financial hole left by this closure has been estimated at nearly 150 million colones in the area.

Here are the 10 things to know about the reopening of Poas volcano Opening from Friday, August 31st.

  • Five new refuges were built by SINAC to protect visitors from possible pyroclastic flows that could be expelled by the Poas volcano.
  • Each shelter will be able to receive between 18 and 50 people.
  • Specific equipment was purchased to protect visitors from toxic gases emitted by the volcano.
  • 4 real-time gas measurement sensors will detect levels of sulfuric gases and other potentially dangerous gases for humans.
  • In the event of an eruption, an evacuation plan includes a safety site where 70 helmets, 140 air filters and 70 masks for personal use can be used.
  • Tourists will come in groups of 50 and will only be able to stay for 20 minutes on the site of the active crater observatory.
  • In SINAC’s forecast, 1000 visitors will be allowed to enter the national park daily.
  • The entries will be to buy on the Internet through the site SINAC, to do it will create an account, fill your name and pay by credit card (credit or debit).
  • Once the payment has been made, the visitor will receive a QR code that he will have to present to the authorities at the entrance to Poas Volcano National Park.
  • If you come with a personal vehicle, you will have to pay the parking fee. This payment can be made on the spot in cash.

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