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A surf trip to Costa Rica

A surf trip to Costa Rica

A unique journey

If you dream of a country where there are waves all year long, hot water and places still with little world to the water and spots of world renown. Then Costa Rica is for you!
With its two oceans accessible in less than a day, its border countries (Nicaragua in the North and Panama in the South) that can offer a little getaway on the border waves: Costa Rica represents THE ultimate Surf Trip.

surf in Costa Rica

For whom and for which level?

This exceptional trip is offered to all and at all levels:

Level 1 / beginner:

From the first wave to taking direction.

Level 2 / surfer initiated:

From the mastery of take-off to the first functional maneuvers.

Level 3 / advanced surfer (intermediate):

You go in all the conditions of waves that can be offered to you

Level 4 / confirmed surfer (advanced):

It’s been several years since surfing is your discipline.

Level 5 / expert surfer:

Surf has no secrets or almost.


New concept

surf costa rica

This trip was created by a surfer for surfers!

No waves on this beach today? Our guide will have already anticipated with the weather charts and will take you to the beach where the swell will be present. This is why no stage is pre-booked in advance: you go where the waves are. We guarantee you that if the perfect wave arrives in Costa Rica, YOU will be there!


An exceptional surfer guide

Born in Biarritz in 1967, this is where Christophe Commarieu grew up and learned to surf. At the time several times selected in Team France he also traveled the world for ten years to satisfy his passion: Portugal, Bali, Nias, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California, Reunion Island and finally the Costa Rica where he decided to stay to live there.

For 20 years living in Costa Rica, he founded SURFOS Magazine and the Costa Rica Surf Federation with Antonio Pilurzu.

What about the material?

We leave you the choice. Either bring your own boards or rent one on site that fits your requirements.

surf Costa Rica

The different selected sites

North Pacific

It is the most visited region of the country, the conditions can be optimal. The area boasts several world-class waves and a large amount of national parks.

Best period: December to April.

The waves of references:

Witch’s Rock (boat access).

A beach break known worldwide with the particularity of this rock in the middle of the ocean. Surfing sessions are usually done around.

Ollie’s Point (boat access).

World class right break point also located in Santa Rosa National Park.


5 waves on one beach.


Central Pacific

This is usually an unavoidable destination for all surfers who arrive, both for its proximity to the airport and also to be the perfect place to start your trip and surf as soon as possible. Indeed Playa Hermosa is one of the most constant waves of the country.

Best period: March to September.

The waves of references:

Boca Barranca

This is one of the longest waves in the country.

Playa Hermosa

A beach break of great renown for its hollow waves and powerful, very sensitive to the swell which generally guarantees waves almost all the year.

South Pacific

It is the most natural place in the country and is more difficult to access, the area is mostly used with swells from the south. A place to go at any price if the waves appear.

Best period: May to September.

The waves of references:


One of the longest left of the world. A point break that can take you when the conditions are perfect more than 1 minute on the wave.


Here the waves are more demanding and powerful but remains a place to visit for its resemblance to Jamaica.

Best period: December to March and July-August

The waves of references:

Isla Uvita

This is the place where Columbus arrived for the first time in Costa Rica. Since the famous earthquake of 1991 the reef has risen making the wave more hollow.

Salsa Brava

By its name this right that breaks on the reef is recommended only for advanced surfers.

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