Caractéristiques du Costa Rica


Caño Negro

Caño Negro

By Mathieu Vallée / May 13, 2019

Caño Negro, a rural and natural area In the northern part of Costa Rica at the border with Nicaragua, is the wildlife refuge of Caño Negro. These 800 hectares belonging to the Province of Alajuela are straddling the cantons of Los Chiles and Guatuzo. The climate of the area is hot and very humid. Attention:…

sphere costa rica


By Mathieu Vallée / April 26, 2019

Since my childhood I have known the carved stone spheres of San José parks, government institutions, and even gardens of some houses in the Central Valley. They were decorative objects that came from the south of the country. But their origin and function were and still are a mystery … The spheres Diquis We do…

Surf Costa Rica

A surf trip to Costa Rica

By Mathieu Vallée / April 15, 2019

A unique journey If you dream of a country where there are waves all year long, hot water and places still with little world to the water and spots of world renown. Then Costa Rica is for you! With its two oceans accessible in less than a day, its border countries (Nicaragua in the North…

beach costa rica

Holy Week in Costa Rica

By Mathieu Vallée / April 15, 2019

It’s the holidays Easter is just around the corner and the whole country is getting ready to boil! Easter During the week of Easter (Semana Santa) the country is full of large Catholic processions. Historical reconstructions, in the form of parades in the streets of the main cities, punctuate the days of this Semana Santa…

manatee costa rica

The manatee in Costa Rica

By Mathieu Vallée / April 12, 2019

The Manatee, an endangered species, became a national symbol of Costa Rica thanks to the children’s initiative. Yes it is the children of the school of “Limoncito” (small lemon), located in the Caribbean, who took the initiative to present to the authorities a project for this large aquatic mammal to become a national symbol in…

costa rica rafting

What to do in Costa Rica? The guide to activities in Costa Rica

By Mathieu Vallée / February 15, 2019

What can you do in Costa Rica? What are the highlights of this destination? Let’s start with a small, non-exhaustive summary of the most popular activities: 1. Sports activities -Hiking / Trekking -Accrobranche / zip line -Rafting / Tubing / Floating -Canyoning / abseiling -Scuba diving -Fishing sport -Equestrian excursions -Mountain bike -Surf Suspended bridges…

surf Costa Rica

Surf in Costa Rica

By Mathieu Vallée / January 15, 2019

The beginnings of celebrity Surfing in Costa Rica was first revealed to the general public in 1994 by the film The Endless Summer II and the waves of Witches Rock located north of Tamarindo. You can see desert beaches, endless waves, a dream lifestyle. Surfing in Costa Rica is also Pura Vida. The destination has…

Rio Celeste

The color of Rio Celeste

By Mathieu Vallée / February 27, 2018

Situé au cœur du parc national Tenorio, le Rio Celeste est un bijou au milieu de la forêt tropicale.

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