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Day 8: Pacific beaches, Playa Carrillo

By Mathieu Vallée / October 22, 2018

Today is a good day to enjoy a great day Playa Carrillo After this short stop at La Fortuna’s house at the foot of the Arenal volcano, we continue our journey: the beaches of the Pacific. It is a long awaited stage for girls because the beach of Carrillo is a beach particularly adapted to…

Organic pineapple costa rica

Costa Rica pineapple

By Mathieu Vallée / September 28, 2018

The Costa Rica pineapple There are words, titles that evoke more things than others. Costa Rica pineapple will have exotic tastes for many, mouth-watering flavors for others and will sound like a horror movie title for others. But why so much difference in the apprehension of this exotic fruit? We will try to take stock…

house la fortuna

Day 6: La Fortuna

By Mathieu Vallée / September 25, 2018

The stage of La Fortuna is a special step for our family because we have our house. This is the stage that represents the least interest for us (I speak of discovery of course) but who has the enormous advantage of being able to fill up on clean clothes! Children will also enjoy this two-day…

National park Cahuita

Day 5: Discover Cahuita National Park

By Mathieu Vallée / September 18, 2018

Cahuita National Park After our emotions of the day before the Bribris, we decide this morning to visit the Cahuita National Park. This park has several peculiarities, it is known to host many lazy. It is common to see raccoons and other coatis. His access is also quite special, no ticket, it is a voluntary…

bribri costa rica

Day 4: At Bribris

By Mathieu Vallée / September 13, 2018

Meet the Bribris It is with great emotion that we wake up this morning because since the creation of our family trip, this step is undoubtedly one of the most awaited. We take the road from our hotel in Puerto Viejo de Limon and head towards Bribri. The road turns into a track after the…

village Tortuguero

Day 2: The visit of the village of Tortuguero

By Mathieu Vallée / September 11, 2018

Dad, Mom, we hear the monkeys! Yes, in Tortuguero it is very common to be woken up by howler monkeys, they are usually heard at dawn and dusk. We head to the lodge’s restaurant when a staff member shows us a caiman who came to visit the lodge’s guests a few meters from the restaurant.…

trip with children costa rica

Family trip to Costa Rica

By Mathieu Vallée / September 8, 2018

A family trip to Costa Rica The initial idea The idea of ​​articles to follow about family trips in Costa Rica, comes from the many enthusiastic travelers returns and our desire, travel designers, to also enjoy, as a family, the beauty of Costa Rica. So we decided to live with our two daughters a typical…

poas volcano

The Poas Volcano National Park has reopened

By Mathieu Vallée / September 5, 2018

Le nouveau présidente de la rpublique Carlos Alvarado a signé cette semaine l’extension de la superficie du parc national Rincon de la Vieja.


Rincon de la Vieja National Park expands

By Mathieu Vallée / June 7, 2018

Le nouveau présidente de la rpublique Carlos Alvarado a signé cette semaine l’extension de la superficie du parc national Rincon de la Vieja.

zoo costa rica

No more zoos in Costa Rica

By Mathieu Vallée / July 14, 2017

Costa Rica teaches the world a lesson in responsibility and empathy by banning zoos in its country. The new law will enter into force in 2014 and will involve the conversion of the country’s two public zoos. zoo in Costa Rica “We are sending a message to the world that we want to be consistent…

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