Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio, One of the best place in the planet

Manuel Antonio is a city on the Pacific coast where the climate is particularly hot, it is about 30 degrees throughout the year. To refresh, you can enjoy the beautiful white sand beach that runs along the city and its many bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. The sea is ideal for both swimmers and surfers. The main attraction of the city of Manuel Antonio remains the national park of the same name. It is one of the most visited parks in Costa Rica. It is open every day from 7h to 16h, except Mondays. Admission is $ 16 per person and is free for children under 11 years old. Guides will offer their services for $ 20 per person and you will be able to enjoy their binoculars and their spotting scopes to admire the animals, although it is quite possible to visit the park by oneself. It is advisable to start the park visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and protect yourself from the heat. Along the trails in the heart of the forest you can see many animals including lizards, iguanas, deer, monkeys and even sloths that are usually found high in the trees. The main path will take you to a beach, ideal for moments with family or friends. Be careful however to monitor your business, it is very common to see monkeys and raccoons trying to steal the picnics of visitors during their bathing. If you want a little more quiet, you can take secondary trails that lead to other beaches, just as beautiful as the first. The waters of the beaches of Manuel Antonio Park are a beautiful blue and allow a good observation of the fish if you have fins and a snorkel. During the rainy season, it is also possible to take a path near the entrance of the park that will lead you to a waterfall. During the dry season, the walk along this path remains very pleasant but there will be no waterfall due to lack of water.



Quepos is the main town of the canton Aguirre. The city is strongly linked to the development of banana activity in this region; there are still old infrastructures that once belonged to the Company. Tourists find a wide range of services: accommodation, food and leisure. Quepos also offers panoramic views of the coastal area. Its dock is used by pleasure boats and sport fishing boats. The beach of Quepos is not suitable for swimming.



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The Manuel Antonio Park occupies an area of ​​683 hectares. It concentrates the most varied and splendid landscapes. It is surrounded by an exuberant tropical rain forest. Its trails are visited by white-faced monkeys, sloths, badgers, raccoons, iguanas and many species of birds; there is also the squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii citrinellus), endemic to Manuel Antonio, which is found nowhere else in the world.

The species is more and more threatened; according to the last census, only 1,500 remained.

The Park also protects 12 islands that serve as excellent refuges for many species of seabirds. It consists of three excellent beaches: Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio and Puerto Escondido.

In addition, it shelters a lagoon of 14 hectares as well as a mangrove. Punta Catedral which connects the beaches of Manuel Antonio and Espadilla Sur is a place of charm. The infrastructure provides the visitor with an information desk, a park warden’s hut, trails, washrooms, drinking water, signage, and several natural lookouts.

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Outside of Manuel Antonio Park you can also practice many other activities. For example, it is possible to kayak on the sea, both during the day and during the night, or to do it in the mangroves of Isla Damas, not far from the city of Manuel Antonio.

Other nautical activity: the catamaran. Boarding one of these boats will allow you to discover the bay while relaxing, drinking local alcoholic cocktails and listening to music. Such a walk in the sea will also allow you to enjoy the sunset, always incredible in the region.




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