Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

The village

Santa Teresa is a small village on the Nicoya Peninsula, along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It consists only of a central street all along a white sand beach. It is in this central street that all the hotels, the youth hostels as well as the restaurants are located. Indeed Santa Teresa lives mainly of tourism and the infrastructures are much developed these last 10 years. Despite this, there are very few tall buildings and the forest that extends to the edge of the beach and remains very well preserved. In addition, all accommodations and especially lodges blend perfectly into the landscape. The place is very pleasant for nature lovers.

The beach

Costa Rica Santa Teresa

The beach of Santa Teresa is particularly popular for its currents and the quality of its waves, ideal for surfing. In the village are also located many shops to buy or rent a board or equipment, and many schools will offer courses for all levels and all ages. If you are not a fan of this sport, there are many other activities available to you! You will for example have the opportunity to go on horseback, by boat or quad, to do tree climbing and zip lining in the forest of the Cabo Blanco National Park, or to take yoga classes and Pilates to relax your body and your mind. In the evening, sit on the beach to enjoy an incredible sunset.

What to do in Santa Teresa?

If you stay several days in the region and want to extend your visits a little, there are around Santa Teresa several other places very pleasant to discover such as Montezuma or the reserve of Cabo Blanco. The village of Montezuma is very picturesque and very quiet. It is also known for its impressive waterfalls, about 30 minutes walk from the center. The Cabo Blanco Reserve is the oldest protected area in the country. It has been reforested at 85% after long years of deforestation and this has allowed many animal species and many fish in the process of disappearing to reproduce on the reserve. You can admire many species such as howler monkeys or white-faced monkeys, squirrels, deer, agoutis and coatis as well as many birds like toucans or migratory birds, and finally, many marine species with between other molluscs or crabs.


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