Sarapiqui, the birds place

The Sarapiquí area is part of the province of Heredia and covers 85% of its territory. To the north, Sarapiqui is bordering Nicaragua.

The history

The history of this region is quite interesting, it was a long time ago it was a trading point between the Huétar Tribe and the Mayan and Inca empires. In addition, Sarapiquí was inhabited by Votos (or botos), former indigenous people of Costa Rica who shared the land with the “Tises”, “Katapas” and “Guatusos”. However Votos were the most important people.

Another important historical fact, the Sarapiquí River is the first way of transporting goods between Costa Rica and Europe. This place is known for its flora and fauna, both very varied. It is also perfect for relaxing. There are several nature reserves and national parks like the Braulio Carrillo National Park, the largest in Costa Rica … The inhabitants of this “corner” live rather from agriculture and livestock. The most important cultivations in the region are: bananas, pineapples, coffee, cocoa, maize and other fruits.

In Sarapiquí, one can do several activities in the open air. Hiking on the theme of nature, climbing, zip lines, horseback riding, rafting in the river Sarapiquí:

You can feel adrenaline through the excellent rapids there are throughout from the river and at the same time enjoy nature during the tour. In addition, you can take boat trips to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have the opportunity to observe animals such as birds, caimans and turtles, visit the butterfly sanctuary.

In addition, if you prefer quieter activities and to learn a little more about the Costa Rican culture, chocolate and coffee towers are at your disposal in Sarapiquí. Horseback riding also lets you learn about the culture of ticos, with local guides who can tell you about life in the countryside.


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