The beach of Tamarindo

To the north of Guanacaste is Tamarindo, a beautiful and long beach of almost white sand popular with tourists. It owes its name to the many fruit trees called tamarind trees that border it. Tamarindo is one of the most developed places of Costa Rica, in a few years, this small town has turned into a seaside resort very famous for its festivals and it is also very Americanized. It is the perfect base for American tourists traveling to Costa Rica during their holidays. There are also many places to go shopping, ranging from small craft shops to luxury stores. There is something for every budget. The infrastructures are very modern and new constructions continue to emerge: hotels, shops, bars and clubs, but fortunately, the beach remains preserved. The beach of Tamarindo is also an ideal place for surfing or windsurfing. The currents are perfect for the practice of these sports. You can also swim in some places, while remaining cautious, or just relax on the beach.

Other activities are also offered including water skiing, kayaking, horseback riding, sport fishing – another specialty of the region – scuba diving, snorkeling, excursions in the mangrove etc. . In the region, the tropical climate is very sunny, you can enjoy these activities at any time of the year. Moreover, if you visit Tamarindo between the months of October and January you may have the chance to attend an exceptional show, that of the laying of turtles. Indeed, it is in this region of northern Guanacaste that is the largest population of Baulas turtles in the world. Baulas turtles are sea turtles that can measure up to 2 meters long and weigh up to 700kg. Turtles are not the only species to come to this area. As you walk you may be able to see other animals such as crocodiles in the mangroves, monkeys swinging from trees to trees or many migratory birds taking a break from their trip.


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