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" Minimize our impact on the environment"


The Certification for Responsible Tourism (Certificado para la Sostenibilidad Turística) is an official label that recognizes the efforts of tourism sector companies that promote responsible tourism and optimize the management of natural, social and cultural resources. We are proud to be part of it. We currently have 3 « leaves » out of 5 possible and will compete this year for the 5 leaves. The certification is valid for 2 years. For Morpho Evasions, this label allows us to offer our travellers, tours in adequacy with our social, cultural and environmental ethics.

This label is divided into 4 major areas of qualification:


This aspect assesses the interaction between a company and the natural environment. Morpho Evasions therefore offers to it’s travellers actions advice and policies for the protection of the environment. More specifically, our actions to reduce our impact on the environment are:

  • no use of air conditioners in our offices
  • IT management of documents for reduced paper printing
  • use of Internet search engine Ecosia
  • sorting of household waste
  • use of bio-degradable household products
  • use of telework to reduce the impact of transport
  • use of car renters labeled zero carbon rejected
  • compliance with the laws for the protection of the environment and minors
  • donations to projects that protect the environment
  • implementation of a green office, with the use of specific plants for the reduction of domestic toxic gases


The technological and logistic means of the company are put in place to reduce its impact on the environment. Morpho Evasions has developed specific resources at the cutting edge of technology:

  • digital satisfaction questionnaire sent at the end of the trip
  • questionnaire via an app during the trip to collect positive or negative feedback on benefits
  • Morpho Evasions own system of customer management, statistics, providers CST level, contract with electronic signatures, etc.
  • frequent providers inspections used to ensure their quality
  • feedback, meeting and training of our advisers for knowledge updates
  • communication about our actions, our commitments via the Morpho Evasions social networks: Facebook, Instagram, blog
  • possibility of carbon offsetting offered to travellers


What actions do we put in place to encourage our travellers to help us in our actions to preserve the environment?

  • Accompaniment by our travel advisers. From the first contacts nature and the population are at the heart of our concerns.
  • The travel documents offered include official documents of the ICT (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism) about the best practices of the responsible tourist.
  • Our responsible tourist charter and the "green corner" of our travel documents strengthen highlight our commitment during the welcome briefing.


This qualification aspect aims to measure the relations between the local communities and the tourism business. Morpho Evasions accomplishments include:

  • Donations to Maleku Indigenous Communities, Boca Tapada Community and La Fortuna participation in the Bandera Azul program of La Fortuna.
  • Participation and training about Codigo de Conducta for the fight against the sexual exploitation of minors.
  • In-Situ expertise for the exploitation of the Boca Tapada region and Coopeagrotour cooperative.
  • Setting up of trainings, website and logistics for Coopeagrotour.



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Ecosia is a search engine that uses some of the revenue generated by Internet searches for reforestation.

We spend a lot of time on the Internet. It was therefore essential to optimize this time and be able to integrate it into our actions for the preservation of the environment.

80% of Ecosia's public profits are donated to tree planting programs in Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Peru.

It takes about 45 searches to plant a tree.


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